Building Laterally

Building Laterally

Building Laterally: Political Imagination to Support and Sustain Digital Infrastructure is a series of public, virtual events that open conversations inside the Incubator to a larger community. These discussions connect conversations on sustainability, governance, and community health in digital public infrastructure to wider political horizons. Invited panelists draw from their experiences in unionization drives, climate actions, abolition movements, among others. Together these events draw out interdisciplinary resonances and invite participants to make connections to neighborhoods and communities on and off screen.

Schedule of Events

Labor across the Tech Ecosystem

The last few years have seen an uptick in unionizing among tech workers writ large. What can efforts to increase the sustainability of digital infrastructure learn from these movements? How do ideas of work and labor in our space intersect with those in other parts of the tech landscape? As workers, how do OS-DPI contributors relate to employees of big tech, gig workers, or startups? What paths of solidarity are available? Which feel untread and unfamiliar?

Join a panel discussion with labor organizers from across the tech ecosystem. Workers and organizers at start-ups, in the gig economy, and in big tech reflect on the resources and networks they draw on as they plan collective actions built on worker solidarity. Together their reflections offer new directions to push on and expand what "sustainability" means across the tech ecosystem.

Wednesday, October 27, 2021 1:30-3:00 PM EST

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Anti-Oppression Frameworks in F/LOSS

We are increasingly seeing anti-oppression frameworks in open source organizational literature (missions, community guidelines), calls from funders, and other public discourse in the space. What can we infer from the proliferation of this language? (Are we there yet?)


Wednesday, December 1, 2021 1:30-3:00 PM EST

Visions of Mutual Power

Many open source public interest projects identify as do-ocracies - where contribution and participation guides a project’s trajectory. For many, this structure holds a liberatory potential where seemingly low barriers to entry promise a future of diverse contributors working collaboratively to build open solutions. This panel asks: what kinds of power can do-ocracies build and hold? Panelists offer examples from other movements that have mobilized the structure of mutual aid towards radical solutions to questions of community health, safety and inclusion, and sustainable work.

Date and Time (January) TBD

Decolonizing Digital Infrastructure

We know that infrastructure is the stuff our lives run on - the roads and bridges of contemporary life. But digital infrastructure, like its material forebears, enables domination at the same time that it offers speed, efficacy, development. How does recent attention to digital infrastructure cover for imperial domination, neocolonialism, and other forms of extractivism?

Date and Time (February) TBD

The Practice of Digital Infrastructure: Cohort Presentations

Incubator cohort in discussion sharing out results.

Date and Time (April/May) TBD